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The Rock Garden, Natural Stone Products

Invest in the product that endures for millennia. Our stone products provide timeless, durable elegance and a profound feeling of integrity in the home and its grounds. A visit to the Rock Garden will transform your appreciation for the exciting world of natural stone.

Specialty Stone Art, Stone Spheres, Stone Pyramids

Specialty Stone Art

Marble spheres floating on a cushion of water, stone pyramids, helixes and other artistic expressions in stone. We specialize in "one of a kind" stone art.

Have an idea for a real "Wow!" statement in your landscaping? We will make your stone dreams come true.
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Thin Natural Stone Veneers

Natural Stone Veneers

Northern Colorado landscape contractors, architects and homeowners alike come to us for our thin, accurate veneer cuts and broad selections of colors and rock types. We saw thin so you never have to consider "faux" stone. Why go there? Rock has to be real!
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Make a statement in your landscaping by adding boulders. Each of our boulders have their own unique style and character for use in various applications including individual stand alone statement boulders to solid boulder walls.
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Custom Cut Dimensional Stone

Dimensional Stone

We will custom cut our stone to specified sizes for your use and pleasure in both inside and outside applications. Hearths, mantels, sills, countertops, patio cuts and steps are just some of the uses for our dimensional stone.
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Stone Water Features, Stone Fireplaces, Stone Fire Pits

Stone Water Features and Stone Fireplaces

Add the rustic beauty of a stone fireplace or the soothing sounds of a stone waterfall to your home or office. We offer a wide variety of real stone veneer and dimensional stone to match your design preferences.

Come to the Rock Garden for great stone landscaping ideas that include landscape ponds, fire pits, fountains and our Rolling Ball feature.
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Flagstone Patios and Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone Patios and Walkways

From simple fieldstone and tumbled pavers to our textured Watermark Buff™ stone. Our landscape flagstone products can "upgrade" your patio, terrace or walkway in just an afternoon.
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Custom Stone Furniture, Stone Benches, Stone Tables

Custom Stone Furniture

We custom-build a variety of outdoor furniture including benches, tables, chairs and bird baths from our large selection of beautiful real Colorado stone. Practical. Perfect. Perpetual.
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Retaining Walls, Rock Walls

Retaining Walls

Define an area in your home or office landscaping with a rock wall. Stone retaining walls offer a perfect combination of function, durability and beauty in repose.
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The Rock Garden offers unique natural stone and natural stone products to landscape contractors, architects, builders, and homeowners. We mine beautiful Colorado stone only a few miles from Fort Collins, and carve it for you in a variety of shapes, from landscape boulders and stone veneers, to custom stone fountains and specialty rock art. The Rock Garden is not only a feat of rock grandeur, it's also a park-like oasis of inspiration. We don't charge admission... so come where it's worlds away from the everyday.

"The Rock Garden is the best design resource for natural and dimensional stone products that I have had the pleasure to visit anywhere in the country.
Their range of responsibly extracted local materials and hundreds of full size creative displays is truly inspiring."

—Herb Schaal, 2008 Designer of the Year from the American Horticultural Society.

Visit the Rock Garden today to see our natural stone products. They endure.

The Rock Garden, Colorado's Stonehenge, showcases the beauty, strength and character of natural stone from Brownstone™, Cherokee™ and Desert Blend™ quarries in northern Colorado.